Steph Hughes

Friday, January 13, 2012

Summer Mixtape Pt.III

Hello! I've been looking to bookend 2011 and get some of the unpublished artwork that I made up here. To begin my 2012 making spree. Here's to that. So in no particular order...

Sticky Fingers Bakery - Makers of legendary edible things - powered on with the postive initiatives and asked me to begin what is to be an ongoing project with illustrators from around Melbourne. This is the first limited edition teatowel in a set! Featuring a cake city. You may even find the Pakenham/Cranbourne line represented here. Go peruse the website for more ideas, manifestos, (etc) on cakes.


Effervescent Russell Crowe-esque beauty/urban story slinger Darren Hanlon asked me to do another shirt drawing for him, and this resulted in an esoteric breakdown of his psyche in a snowdome (below)

(T-shirt's gettable at...)


And after a bit of an Indian ink session, this Dick Diver logo became the one chucked on the 'New Start Again' album cover.