Steph Hughes

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Smoko on Your Vision Quest

Back from my three month life smoko in Europe - after a fantastic tour I decided to try my luck at couchsurfing Berlin for a month - lugging my plastic bags of stuff across town every two days and catching up with old and new friends all the while. Well, I am back. And many kebabs the richer. I managed to make this Dick Diver tour poster while on the go somehow - the wonderful Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen lent me their high-grade scanning setup and the wonderful Genna Kulesza lent me her computer. Since I've had a long time away from my art supplies, I'm gunning to begin and complete some projects - so more on that soon. As you can glean from below - I am going on this little Australian tour with Dick Diver next, for a few weekends in Nov, to promote our brand new record 'New Start Again'...come along.

Friday, April 29, 2011

CURTIN - Book and Show

I've got some pictures in a show called Curtin at Seventh gallery right now (155 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne). Three little paintings in a row. They're also in a book of the same name that's floating around.

28 April – 14 May 2011

Opens Thursday 28th April 6-8 pm

Curated by Andie Tham and Johann Rashid.
*Image by James Eisen

Featuring Artists Dan Moynihan, James Eisen, Martin Bell, Andie Tham, Beci Orpin, Kate Moss, Rowan McNaught, Jarrah De Kuijer, Stephanie Hughes and Johann Rashid.

Curtin is a recent survey of ten emerging artists, who all site sourced and found material as the starting point of image making and technical process. Linking themes and joining narratives through juxtaposition of high and low brow imagery, this exhibition aims to be a fun exploration of different modes in contemporary culture. Curtin is a group of friends, who’s work directly addresses their surroundings. Inspired by found and sourced imagery from the internet, magazines, old books, and film, these processes involve conscientious cropping, collaging, and re-appropriation.

Boomgates, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Here's a Boomgates 7 inch cover, and Human Rights Arts & Film Festival poster that have come out in the time i've been touring. I've had an amazing two months driving across Australia and USA. Meeting buffaloes in Yellowstone National Park and crazy inbred cats and great humans.

This Boomgates 7'' is out now through San Francisco based label SmartGuy Records...featuring the tunes 'Nothing' and 'Layman's Terms'. Find out more about that here -


And this poster is part of a body of work I did for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival crew (hard workers), it includes a Festival Program that's floating around out there. You should get to every part of this festival you can! There's some total gem events they're getting together - movies, music, forums, etc - i've always gotten a lot out of it. More information - dates, times, events - here:


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cats out of Bags

Hello! an update on some shirts and things i liked making. Many more things will be postable as their respective bands release them, but here are the first few.




I am about to go on tour for two months or so and plan to get in some serious drawing-on-the-go. Also there is an exhibition i am putting some watercolours/screenprints in in April. More details as i get 'em.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Newer Day Rising: The Menu Update

A New Day Rising menu update called for a new design. WITH ADDED BAGEL OPTIONS...
It's one of the cafes on the corner of Blythe and Nicholson St, Brunswick East. Go to it.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

High Water Queensland Flood Appeal Art Auction

All proceeds from this auction go to the Flood Relief appeal to help the Queensland crew. Got a little picture in this and some of my favourite artists do too.
Head to to get to the auction page.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shelley Short & The Gold Coats Tour Poster!

My good Oregonian friend Shelley 'Shaz' Short is coming back to Australia for a whirlwind folk gig seizure. We met last year on tour and got to sing together a lot and wipe birdshit off eachother's clothes before shows. A great bonding time! Shelley knew i'd been recording and playing some ditties of my own (a project i'm calling The Gold Coats and now featuring amazing harmonising, drumming and guitaring people) and we decided to play shows together in Feb/March and put out a split 7''.
With that back story in mind, here's the tour poster!


Summer Fruits

This summer is proving fruitful, not only in an Oprah sense. Here's a illustrated map I did for the folks and Golden Plains festival. It probably makes no sense, but it does a bit...