Steph Hughes

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shelley Short & The Gold Coats Tour Poster!

My good Oregonian friend Shelley 'Shaz' Short is coming back to Australia for a whirlwind folk gig seizure. We met last year on tour and got to sing together a lot and wipe birdshit off eachother's clothes before shows. A great bonding time! Shelley knew i'd been recording and playing some ditties of my own (a project i'm calling The Gold Coats and now featuring amazing harmonising, drumming and guitaring people) and we decided to play shows together in Feb/March and put out a split 7''.
With that back story in mind, here's the tour poster!


2 comments: said...

sweet poster. is the melbourne show a day time thing?? hope so...

Steph said...

Hey courtney, yep it's sort of a late arvo working all the times out now cos there's a few bands and a skate ramp to co-ordinate.