Steph Hughes

Monday, December 28, 2009


Here's my interpretation of a 'foreword' for a new music compilation featuring material from Hobart and Melbourne (The Stabs, Pikelet, East Brunswick All Girls' Choir, and many more...) I was forewording the Melbourne half. It'll be out really soon via a clever guy called Thomas from Tasmania that runs this little organisation:
More news on when it's emerging soon!
For now I'll leave you with this: please let my utter disregard of scale and direction slide. Ta.



Anna Laura said...

Lovely lovely. My sister had her 21st at the Birmy back in 2003, I think it might have still been neo nazi back then!

georgiarose said...

i love you.
if i could get a copy of the original on paper, i'll pay to get it printed, that'd rule.
you rule. and make me laugh. r.i.p tote

Anonymous said...

Inspirational. This map is amazing. Your sense of direction does my head in though.